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"Vintage Custom" '63 Fender Jaguar


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I saw this guitar on Ebay and I couldn't resist.It's a 1963 Fender Jaguar that was customized in the early 1980s by its previous owner.


It was refinished in Shoreline Gold Metallic.The original pickguard and electronics are long gone,as are the original tuners.The pickups were replaced with two Bill Lawrence 500L humbucker each with it's own coil split switch.The pickguard was replaced with an anodized pickguard painted black over white.


The bridge was changed to a Schaller Harmonica bridge and the knobs were replaced with Gibson speed knobs. Also,the original Kluson tuners were replaced with Grovers.


The neck has been over-sprayed.It has "1 Nov 63" stamped on the end.The neck has a 7.5" radius and the fingerboard is Brazilian Rosewood veneer with clay dots.


It has the original tremolo arm and its original hardshell case. Unforunately case was spray painted black which is too bad because it is the white tolex Fender case that was only available from 1963 to early 1964.










Before I bought this I had been thinking about getting a "Kurt Cobain" Signature Jag.Those sell for $1299 new.But then I saw this '63 on Ebay for $1499 BIN.That's $200 or $300 less than one of the new american Jaguar reissue,so I thought it was a good deal.



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Those are some great pickups on a great guitar, how do you like the sound? I love the look, strange enough the Bill's fit it.


Thanks! I just got it delivered by Fed Ex to day. The Bill Lawrence pickups are awesome!











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