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Pickguard on Vintage Mahogany

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i have a vintage mahogany...i have had one for over a year now and am still as in love with it now as i was when i bought it...mine is in faded cherry...


i took my pickguard off because my pinky kept getting in the way!


minus the two little screw holes from the guard i think it looks much better without the guard.

i am hoping that mine looks worn like an old violin soon!

thats the beauty about the studios...especially our little Burstbucker Pro firebreathers!...they look better the older and more beat up they are!

there is no fancy finish or binding...or 4 extra pounds of paint to watch out for...its wood for wood's sake...my God man let your axe free when you get it!


the one thing i had done to the guitar that for me makes it a million times better...i had the frets filed down...each guitar is different...even within the same series of guitars...but i found the one i bought from Guitar Center after playing about 6 of them was still a bit sharp in the fret ends...i paid about $250 bucks to have them professionally shaped and filed down so that my hand slides effortlessly up and down the neck...(if this is a bit expensive...i would be a little upset...but the workmanship i got surely made up for the price...my luthier is quite good)

overall i dont think i will ever need to get another les paul!


i added strap locks and some good grovers...now all i need is that neutrik?? 1/4 inch jack like on the new standards and ill be all set...enjoy the axe man!

itll be hard to put down!

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I would change all plastic to creme, and of course ad that pickguard... but, here comes the fun part...


a) I don't own a vintage mahogany so what should I know...


=D> what I would really like to do to it is refinish it in blue sparkle... with a bigsby... creme or white plastics, nickel hardware...)


...but then again I don't own a vintage mahogany.



What would you do Tim?

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