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NGD Les Paul Studio Satin Blue


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Well after waiting 2 months my new Les Paul Studio Satin Finish in blue finish finally arrived. I brought it home last night in a hardshell case.


Well it was set up fantastic and it plays really well. The baked maple is very dark and I know lemon oil can even darken it more. I really like the burstbucker pro's and won't be changing them out. I bought some virtuoso polish and gave it a good polish. It now has a nice shine to it. I am not going to try to give it a glass shine but it really looks good now. I already have a Les Paul Traditional but I wanted a studio that I can take anywhere on transit and I also wanted a lighter guitar. The tradititional is rather heavy. The trad is still nicer to play but for the money I am really happy with the studio. The burstbucker pro's are different enough from the 57 classics that I really enjoy the variety. Here is a pic of the new studio in it's present polished form.



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It is an “Obeche” wood fretboard according to the specs.

I much like it dark looking (fretboard), if not rosewood,

plus I like the satin blue,

Nice choice, Nice guitar.


What another 50’s profile neck?


I saw this guitar in the Musician's Friends catalog,

It would have been my choice too.

I'd like a slimmer neck profile.

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Love the blue ,nice choice,I got the worn brown in Dec,.I,m in love with this geetar..Does anyone know if gibson discontinued this model, I dont see it on there product list anymore..

post-39210-095124600 1336348854_thumb.jpg

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Well this blue satin guitar is now back in the dealership and being upgraded.


I really did like the burstbucker pro's that where in it but I went and bought a set of gibson's hot vintage 57 classic pickups with the alnico 3 magnets in it and am installing them in this guitar. I love 57 classic's and I really hope these hot 57's sound even better than what was in there.

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