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It's all about size and length!!


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When I play, I have guitars that have scale lengths from 19.1" to 25.5".......and nut widths from 1 7/8" to 1 11/16". Although I almost never jump from the smallest to the largest in one playing session, it really only takes me a few minutes to "adjust" my comfort with playing from one to another. I've heard of some pros, who have to have exact scale length and nut width on ALL their guitars. For me, it's really no big deal. If I was to order custom, I'd probably go with 1 3/4"nut and 24 3/4" s.l. How about youse guys.....any preferences? any "must haves" or does it not matter to you at all?

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I've pretty much concluded scale length,fingerboard radius..is no assurance for the flexible feel Im after..

It turns out a very straight neck with nearly no relief is where it starts for me so that I can lower the strings to that perfect hint of buzz location.

It took a long long time to finally realize that the straight neck was key for me.


It was always generalized "neck must have relief "ect ect.

Somewhere along the way I got one of those Stewart McDonald measuring guage things and realized the ones with nearly no relief felt the best..

Then it all came together..I read an interview and Eric Johnson one of my favorites,has his necks nearly perfectly straight...

A great lefty player my brother knew used to buy a brand new guitar ..refret & level the fingerboard and get that perfect low action even before playing it.

My brother had a hand assisting in this guys book about Lefty Guitars & Players.

One guitar in there was owned by a famous Jazz player..When my bro picked up the guitar it was nearly unplayable due to the buzz..but when that guy played it,it sounded perfect.


Things are & should be different for everybody.

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