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Es-335 errie distortion


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Hi Im searching for a distorted sound for a gibson es 335 with a particular sound that is particularly eerie sounding....maybe with use of a mxl carbon copy....any suggestions on good distortion/overdrive pedals that will give me a eerie light distortion that will allow open chords to still shine...just in a eerie tube tone? Thanks for any and ALL suggestions! - jeff

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I recommend using Xotic BB.


The problem with semi-hollow guitars and distortion in general is balance. It very easy to get great distorted tones with a solid body giuitar. It's the physics of the guitar that retains the distorted sound. A hollow or semi-hollow "inhales" a lot of the distorted sound and releases very little output in comparison. The point is, you need a lot of distortion/gain with the 335 to start with to get a good amount of output.


For example, my les paul (with the same 57 pups) output more distorted sound than my CS356 (with the same 57 pups) using all of my distortion/Overdrive pedals and amp's channel B, C settings. I generally use a distortion type pedal (like Xotic BB) or my Fuchs amp channel C (lead distortion channel) with my semi-hollows. And I generally use a overdrive pedal like Plush Cream (Tube Screamer) or my Fuchs amp channel B (Crunch channel) with my solid bodies.


Now to get some errie distortion sound, I would add a phaser or envelope filter and a delay pedal.




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