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firebird tuner keys


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actually my firebird stays in tune better than anything i own.

does yours have banjo tuners?

also, 99% of the time people think the tuners are to blame for tuning issues. 99% of those people are wrong. unless it is physically damaged, the tuners are not the issue. most tuning issues can be attributed to (in no particular order):

1: poor string winding technique around the post

2: unstretched strings

3: poorly cut nut slots (or simply not cut for the string guage you are using

4: poor tuning technique (always tune up to a note, never down).


these are the most common. like i said, unless the tuner has physical damage, or is COMPLETE garbage (like on $100 chinese guitars) then they aren't to blame.

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You sir are absolutely correct...


My stock banjo tuners work just fine.


Most of the time it is simply operator error...


i even have one with damage that works fine! lol.


i used to be a tech in a shop. it amazed me how many people came in wanting new tuners b/c it wouldn't stay in tune. i don't think a single one of those people actually ended up with new tuners...... but all of their guitars would stay in tune by the time i handed it back to them.

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I have to say I agree with all the above - If indeed you have Banjo tuners, then they should be fine. If not, is the problem with new or old strings? There is an optimum tuning 'window' with all strings - too early and they haven't 'stretched out' and too late and they lose elasticity and the intonation goes. Maybe you are just using the wrong strings for that particular guitar!

Good luck my friend and please keep us posted.



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I do not have any tuning problem with my Firebird V (banjo tuners and a stoptail bridge). For that matter, I do not have any problem with any other Gibson (all stoptail). I have a problem with my Steinberger Spirit, however (maybe I am not just as careful with that guitar).

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