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GAS Prices are Going Up

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First I bought an Egnater Rebel 20 and it was like $599. Then I bought a Deluxe Reverb Reissue and it was like $999.


Now I want one of those tweed low power twins and they're like $1,000 just for a kit.


GAS inflation is getting worse.

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I have to try to ignore my own bouts of "GAS" anymore...in that everything

I seem to gravitate toward, in regards to "gear," now...is 2-4 grand, each.

Why? I have no (real) idea...but, I've always had "Champagne tastes, and a

(domestic) Beer budget!" [tongue] That, and the fact that things (everything,

not just musical gear, but even laundry soap, and groceries) are so much more

expensive, nowadays. Often, way beyond (any kind of), reason...IMHO.


So, personally, I have to really, consciously, scale back, my "GAS!"



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