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Noobish Marshall Question


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When I went to answer this I was pretty clear about it. The more I thought and then checked, the murkier it all became (probably why I stick with my1962 Blonde Bassman.....).


The original JTM panels first appeared in 1962, and were replaced by the JMP panels early 1967 and continued 'till 1981.


Plexi panels appeared on amps in 1965 and were replaced by plain brushed gold panels sometime during 1969, probably July by all accounts.


JMP 1962-1967

Plexi 1965-1969

Overlap 1965-1967


The Super Lead amps:

1959 JTM100 100w came out 1965 (along with a few 1959T Tremolo Super Leads.....)

1959 JMP 100w was shipped 1967 to 1981

2159 JMP 100w came out 1977 to 1981 (2x12 combo of the 1959)

1959 JCM800 100w started out in 1981 and ran 'till 1989


So theoretically,the only JMP which could be both Plexi and Super Lead would be an early production 1959 JMP Super Lead, 100W head.


To find out which specific amps are involved - go here:




But you will be MORE confused when you come away.....

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