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It's Always Sunny In J.R.M.30!'s Town


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Truth be told, it is sunny out and we just got out of a rather hot winter with snow on like two days. It's a good excuse to put down the guitar and go outside for awhile. But alas, I've got to many liberties as I'm on the computer and talking about an instrument that I can play okay and thinking that most of these posts have been doctored up hits by fake friends replying to the usual new pricey toys. My post only marginally get hits so I guess that is not true. On T.V. to many commerical interruptions. On the Web it's like a wild goose chase, as you have zillions of sites that you have to double quick to get in to, whine. Where I live I've already visited most of the well known sites to visit, why even have a vacation, I have all the time in the world as I'm in between jobs. Tired of my blabbling well too bad because I have more to say, not alot though. My car isn't exactly running smoothly but it's running, that's excellent no it's only good. I'd read only I got a slight stigmatism in one eye but at least I'm not blind, not yet. Maybe I should pretend to be a moderator but it probably wouldn't work as I have nothing controversial that I'd let myself say. Ahhh a good rant not a great one about nothing. +:-@

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