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Different ES335'S


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Hello all,,


I am looking to score a 335 and I have been trying to figure out the different pricing. On MF there is the satin for 2249.00 the plain top for 2699.00 the figured custom for 299.00 and the Larry Carlton model for about 3700.00. They al have mahogany necks rosewod fingerboards laminated maple tops backs and sides as well as classic 57's.


I am trying to figure out best rout to go. Will there be more resonance from the stained bodies as opposed to the satin body?


Thanks for your thoughts.



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The truth is no two guitars will ever sound the same even if it's the same model, made out of the exact materials.


There are other factors that contributes to a guitar's sound like the age of the woods, pickup height, strings, and intonation to name a few. If the guitar have been sitting in a case all day versus hanging on a walk at the shop will contributes to the wood dryness and humility levels.


The Satin finishes requires less materials and labor to built, so it should costs less.


Personally, at the $3K price point, it's about the look, feel and how each models appeals to you, not the sound differences. My custom (CS) 356 may not sound better than the ES 339, but to me it looks a lot better. Was it worth the extra $500-$700? For me, yes.


I recommend that you buy as much guitar that you can afford. Worrying about saving an extra $300-$500 versus buying the guitar you really want makes perfect sense to me. Now if you buy the wrong guitar just to save $300-$500, you will regret it shorty afterwards.


Stay thirsty.




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I agree with JazzGtr, 100%. For me the aesthetics are almost as important as the sound. I have to WANT to play a guitar and in order to have that urge I have to really be attracted to it. I also am kind of obsessive about things that I like and features that I want. Like the tortoise shell side markers, I love those. Do they help the guitar play or sound better? Nope, but I love that they're there. Just personally, I like specific colors, and even if I found a perfect guitar that was in the wrong color, I know I would never pull the trigger on it. that said, satin finishes do nothing for me, I also like binding on the neck, extras like a gloss finish or a bound neck or peal inlay on the logo mean a lot to me, but for others it might not. to me a guitar is to be enjoyed sonically, visually and physically while playing. For me a guitar needs to meet all three criteria, but for others maybe the more utilitarian models are the way to go. Everyone has got a preference. That said, the dots with the gloss finish, your "standard" model are hit or miss. I've recently played some new ones that were great and not so great. I've never picked up a satin for reasons just mentioned, and I have a memphis anniversary which is pretty spectacular feel and tone-wise, but it required some set up to get it there, which is pretty much the story for any gibson. My guitar guy said theres some truth to Gibson's slogan when it comes to fretwork and factory set up. Only a Gibson is good enough.

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