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Recognize This Man ?


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Well, its a New Beginning for Mr F .. I would like to see what he has in mind to make the Guild a Better Guitar.. I dont think that would be to hard to do.. I would buy one with his endorsememt on it as well.

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A young Burl Ives?? Ha!


At first I thought it was Thomas Fraser holding his Goya Goliath M26. Have no clue, and I hope someone reveals soon so I can see just how out of touch I really am.

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I can't imagine him leaving to go to another guitar company for any reason other than maybe him being unhappy with upcoming planned compromises to be implemented on the Gibson Acoustic Guitars out of Bozeman...?


Nick ,

he worked there for more than 20 years.

before he worked at gibson he had a shop In Venice were he made Ferguson Guitars.

I think he just wanted to relaunch his guitars and do something out side of gibson acoustics.

I mean if he had stayed in gibson he wouldn't have the time to work on his own guitars.

I think he is only going to be a consultant to Fender not work at the plant.

He is staying in bozeman but you can expect Ferguson guitars to be out in the near future.

I typed in Ren Ferguson Guitars on google and there is a domain with that name saying it's going to become a webpage in the future.






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