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Tax Refund...uh oh.


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So I'm getting my tax refund soon, and it's a pretty good one.

I have two options...

I want this LP Custom that they have on a scratch and dent at my local Guitar Center (it's got the thinnest little belt buckle scratch on the back...) and comes with a case. It's black.

Or maybe a goldtop. I've wanted both for awhile...



I'm thinking about expanding my pedal board (because I just got a Lp STD plus) and getting a couple of effects to suit my playing...Like a Freeze pedal and possibly a carbon copy pedal...


What do you think?




I could always go balls out and spend the whole check on a gibson...

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If the LPC gives you a feel and sound your LP Std plus doesn't, then I could see the justification if the price were right. If not, you could invest in making your pedal board more dynamic and have alot of cash left over for a rainy day... Personally speaking, I'd lean toward the latter option of upgrading the board.

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personally, i wouldn't bother with the LPC if i already had an LP. I would buy something different, or maybe some amplification, or effects.


the other option is to put it in a tin under the bed and keep adding to it until you make your mind up.

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If I had the option just to play some of the kit I lust for I would be a happy man!!! It would be great to know I was getting my money's worth or as I suspect end up thinking mmm... the copy is pretty close!


But I'd take a risk on these...






I'd take a goldtop over a black les paul. 56 or 57?

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