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Explorer 1980 Pickups


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I have a Gibson Explorer from 1980 with the 58" specs. Sometime during the 80s à previous owner changed the pickups to EMGs 81/85.

Does anyone know what the original pups should be? T-tops or perhaps Dirty Fingers?


// Feffe

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I bought my 79 explorer new in 1980 and it has "tar back" epoxy-sealed humbuckers. The bridge pick up reads a little over 7.2k. The neck pickup is a different story and maybe having some issues in mine. It's still sounds great but it reads around 5.0. Bridge pick up is pretty dark sounding. But overall it has a good sound to it. I did see a tar back pick up like this for sale on eBay but it was not cheap.This is what the tar back looks like that is in my explorer.



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