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J 45 Staying in tune


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Never heard of a guitar going out tune sharp.



Actually happens a lot here in FLA because of our changes in humidity and temperature. Generally speaking, my old J-45 will stay in relative tune even when there are absolute changes in pitch.


When the AC is on in the house six months out of the year, the guitar literally stays in tune for weeks at a time, even though it is played for an hour a day on average. It simply isn't a problem. I have old Grover Sta-Tites that I put on in 1970, and usually use MB Premiums for strings. I also lock the strings on the stringposts with the first wrap, and always have at least two wraps under the locked string end.


I always set the string ends against the bridgeplate when re-stringing by pulling the strings straight up while holding the pins down.


No problems. Ever.


My ES-335 is a different story. For some reason, it loves to go out of tune. Most of my other guitars are pretty stable in tuning.

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