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Recently acquired a Gibson Jackson Browne Model 1 (no electronics) and have been playing the begeebers out of it, all the while thinking - "This is just like my J-45 but on steroids!"


Inches / / /

J-45 (2010 TV) Body Length 20 1/2 Body Width 16 Soundhole Diameter 4 Body Depth 4 3/4


Jackson Browne Body Length 20 1/4 Body Width 15 3/4 Soundhole Diameter 3 3/4 Body Depth 5


Sure sounds bigger ! Must be the walnut back and sides - and the thru bridge saddle. From peeking in the soundhole, the back braces on the JB don't appear to be radically scalloped. Innaresting. Any Roy Smeck owners out there? Take a peek for me, perhaps its due to the properties of the walnut - sure sounds like a million bucks whatever they did !





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