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Help needed for Heritage 80 Elite

Es maniac

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And this is one of my beauties... 81' Gibson les paul Heritage 80 Elite.


Shaw pafs...ebony board... crazy quilted maple top. The first 59 reissue attempted by Gibson.

A great GREAT guitar !

2 serial numbers ,chery sunburst.

But when i bought it (i gave a BAD 79 candy apple red Strat +150$ back in 2000,i think of it as a bargain!) the trus rod cover was the one you see.


The original one should write : GIBSON HERITAGE 80 ELITE SERIES ...this one just says "standard"

Propably the guy who had it b4, took the cover off and put it to another gibbo to get higher price.

Anyway, if you know how i can find its original cover ,i would be gratefull

post-42610-018164300 1334237753_thumb.jpg

post-42610-023513700 1334237804_thumb.jpg

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Most towns have trophy shops. I've been getting my truss covers and fender neckplates initialed for decades at local trophy shop(s). It isn't expensive at all. Don't need no steenkeeng booteek custom guy to do it!



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thx guys, i will try rct's solution first, if it doesnt work, i'll order it on ebay.

thx again !

Oh, can you plz give me a rough estimate of how much my guitar is worth now? It is in pristine condition, no dinks and scratches ,only one very very shallow buckle scar at the back,but not to the wood, the nitro is still there.

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