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hey all, just wanted to share enthusiasm for the norlin-era. i'm not a huge collector by any means, but here's what i've got and i love 'em.




the corvus actually plays very well. the stock bridge pup was a little too cloudy for me so i put in an seymour duncan invader. now the thing really cuts through the mix!

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Nice Corvus. You don't see too many of those, but they always look great imo. [thumbup]




it plays really great actually.

i replaced the stock gibson bridge pickup with a seymour duncan invader. now the thing has some serious balls, and i absolutely LOVE the interplay between the invader in the bridge and the stock pickup in the neck. the neck pickup is actually not too woofy on it which makes it great for clean/funky tones. the bridge is all rock/metal now.

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I don't own one yet but this is the Norlin guitar that I want.





Maple board on an LP...Mmmmmm


It's a good thing they make a ton of their guitars with Baked Maple now. Maybe you can pick one of them up ;)

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Norlin years were the best by far. Enjoy some fun Futura / Corvus axes of mine. I love those things.


Fun Vid dude... not everyone who owns Gibson guitars is a "Cork Sniffer".... I have a fair collection of gitars, from various Makes, Gibson, Gretsch, Epi, Ric, Tobias, Peavey, Takamine, Avante....


There's a love for the Classics... It's the same reson Fender didn't score with the Katana... it didn't "look like Fender"...

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