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Gibson guitar case drags on


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"It was seven months ago that federal agents with guns drawn raided the Gibson guitar factories in Nashville and Memphis. A half million dollars worth of Indian rosewood and ebony was seized under the premise that it had been imported illegally. The feds also took a number of guitars and computer hard drives. The factory was shut down for the day and employees told to go home.


Yet after all this time, the Department of Justice has shown no sign that it will file criminal charges against Gibson. What’s more – it has been almost 3 years since federal agents first raided Gibson (November 2009), seizing a quantity of wood from Madagascar. No decision on criminal charges in that case either."




Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2012/04/12/gibson-guitar-case-drags-on-with-no-sign-criminal-charges/?test=latestnews#ixzz1rvLdV4DJ

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Kind of a rehash of all the same ol' stuff coming from Gibson. Guys have been hammering each other here for awhile about this. I've been pretty bad about blaming Gibson for their own problems.


I don't like SWAT guys with guns either. In fact, I probably like guns less than Mr J., but Gibson's due process rights haven't even been so much as farted on during this whole thing. They've agreed to let this thing drag on while the lawyers haggle about it. At the same time they do a lot of whining about their situation.


There was a video posted here a little while ago showing Mr J doing a whopperthon in his defense. It made my hair hurt to listen to him. [scared]

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I guess, I'm not the "purist" HJ talks about, because I think it's great,

that Gibson is using alternative woods, and/or other replenish-able materials,

for their fingerboards, etc. As long as they look good, play equally well,

if not better, I'm totally fine, with the "alternatives!"


We may never know, the Real reason(s), behind all this? :rolleyes: At least, until it's

settled, IF/When that happens. We've had pages and pages of speculation, on

here, before. And, that's ALL it is....informed, or otherwise.


So, I (for one) am going to go back to playing on my "alternative" Baked Maple

fingerboard, "Classic Custom," and have a ball! [thumbup][biggrin]



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Well, it takes awhile for the Gove'mint to get it's facts together, ya' know? And I'm sure they would never blunder, nor do anything wrong... so, they must be right, right? I mean, what's the hurry? 3 years? That's like a month in Lawyer years ;). I'm sure when they feel they've got their ducks in a row, they'll get to doin' what they do... until then, why do we care if it costs Gibson hard earned Dollars and those locations jobs?


Okay, if that didn't sound cynical and downright sarcastic, I obviously didn't try hard enough. If it takes that long to make a case after the raids, is it because they're trying to manufacture one?


I don't pretend to know all the specifics here, just the little I've read here so far. But to interrupt a companies business and hold it's property for this long ought to be criminal. A weaker company would have been forced out of business by this by now. And about that, I can assure you we would all care.

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The point about federal cases taking years 'stedda months is right on.


We've a local federal case on a guy who probably literally should be hanged for taking money for "cures" of otherwise incurable cancer after diagnosis with a blood smear, bit of hair and such by mail, took about a year to come to official charges being filed in what I'd call a slam dunk case with functionally no defense other than "Gee, I thought those herbs and my touch would do the job."


After the feds decide how they want to prosecute what, then there's a hearing and the defense calls for "discovery" which means the feds have to show what they have for evidence for whatever they're charging. My guess is it will take at least two of these hearings, potentially more, with months between, for there then to be the beginnings of additional hearings to set a trial date on a crowded federal calendar.


The bottom line is that my best guess is that there won't be a trial date set until long after the November election - and if that sounds cynical, yupper.


In fact, I'd not be surprised to see little happening at all with various delays - mostly from the federal attorneys - until after the election. That means no official charges until after that point. That's just a guess, but... I'd not hold my breath at all while awaiting something.


I guess my feelings on his have more to do with the way government can utilize rather arcane bits of law to zap almost any company they want to zap. There's plenty of "law" that could put any of us into a lot of hassle if somebody in law enforcement and/or somebody in a prosecutor's office chose to make us squirm. Don't believe me, just ask anybody who's been in the law enforcement calling.


Anyway, yes also to some different consideration at times for Gibson PR.


On the other hand, I've a hunch that some of us here wouldn't get off HenryJ's case if he gave them a new guitar of their choice...



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