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Gibson C1 on ebay


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The C-series Gibson classicals are nothing special. I actually looked for one a couple of years ago when I was trying to maintain my "all Gibson" stable, but they simply weren't worth the money. They were typically going for around $500, and were in generally average condition. They have not aged particularly well, and sound more like a Gibson guitar with Spanish-style strings than a "real" classical guitar.


Instead, I bought a Spanish-built Pavan TP-30. These are imported from Spain by Tom Prisloe as a lower-priced alternative to his own custom classicals, which sell for $5K+. The TP-30 has an ebony board, cedar top, solid IR body, and is generally an extraordinary value. I bought mine "used" (but effectively new ) on ebay for just under $1000 US.


And I don't play classical guitar. I use it only for Brazilian-style music.

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