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Eddie *yawn* Van Halen


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I just read that Eddie Van Halen & Fender will be releasing the new EVH model guitar in the new year.

Eddie sounds like a broken record...

" Its the best guitar I have ever played" blah blah blah!


The same thing he said about the Kramer, Ernie Ball, Peavey models.

Hes such a sell out.

Honestly, he has zero credibility with me.


Your thoughts guys?

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I agree with you blue... this is a man that has found the holly grail a thousand times and everytime he says it's gotten better. I owned one of his peavey guitars, sold it recently as it wasn't the 10th of what a gibson is but costed as much (actually way more than some gibsons and quelity fenders).


He has signed with so many people in his life that if you were a hardcore fan, and I mean the ones that go and buy his stuff even before he uses it, it would be hard to keep up with him. Tomorrow he will play a fender... the day after it will be a peavey again or a music man/ernie ball... and each time he will say "I have never had so much in common with any other brand", "the way we have worked toghether is incredible, no other brand has ever understood what I wanted" (yeah, not even this same brand 3 times before and 6 other brands before this one, 3 times each... each with "THE ULTIMATE guitar)

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Well, people's tastes do change over time and I'm sure he's no exception. Over the years, I'm sure he's found things he would like different or refined.


On a side note, I saw him with Dave last year in October and again this past spring and that guy deserves ever bit of credit he gets as a player. The last time I saw Van Halen before that was in 1984.

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.. it's a hit.


Don't give me that too goody-good bUllshift....



+1 to RichCI.


The car I had in High School was the best I'd ever had ('62 Mercury Monterey)

until the car I had in college ("the War Wagon"- lime green '76 Pinto wagon... with a Pioneer SuperTuner and Midland Stage IIs )


Which was the best I'd ever had until I bought another Mercury... which was the best until.....



Make sense?




It's marketing. Marketing is the Devil, Bobby Bouyea!

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I respect what he did, musically.


What makes him constantly feel the need to have guitars and amps with his name on them is beyond me. I mean, Les was the king of inventing the solid body guitar. You can re-invent it all you want. But it's a solid body guitar. Even if it's chambered....


The new Fender/Van Halen amp is Mexican. I mean, that's a bunch of dinero for a Mexican built amp. Even one with a big tricked out name tag. Don't get me wrong, I like Corona, but I'll pass.


I'll stick with Mesa and my old American Fender Prosonic.


As for a Van Halen guitar. I don't like Floyds, or locking nuts. I heard they made a Peavey Van Halen with a fixed bridge. Never saw one. The only Van Halen Wolfgang I ever saw was Chinese. I think almost all Peavey gear is now Made In China. I'm sure the people of Meridian appreciate that.


Will the Fenders be Mexican?


I doubt I'll ever see one, and pretty sure I'll never play one, and pretty damned sure I'll never buy one.


I'd say positive, in fact.



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If they sold those Frankenstrat re-issues for even close to the 25 grand they were asking, how much of that went straight to EVH's himself. Whore maybe, but I'm sure that adds up to a ton of cash in his pocket. If they made a "GreatWhiteNorth Special" Les Paul or amp, I'd be more than happy to collect the the cash.

It's no different than the endorsment money that Tiger Woods pulls in each year, which by the way adds up to way more than he makes in tour earnings each year.


I'm just sayin,



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