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Inspired by Texan vs ej200ce


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Here are my observations as I have both. The EJ is a bigger "sounding" guitar. Mine rings nice even with a laminated top vs. solid spruce. I don't use the pickups and would have liked the old version w/o pups & non cutaway that was made w/ solid top maybe better. It's a good guitar and fun to play IMHO. I had it setup at the luthiers and that was a good call. It's not bright like my Epi or Gibson Dove (Gibson version being the brightest & best bass by a long ways).


The IB Texan is fun to play as well. Much quieter guitar and IMHO mellower sounding. I went with the vintage cherry finish and it is really a beauty. I don't find that I play either of them that much and tend to grab the Gibby's (Dove, J-45 Custom or J-160E) the most. But then I prolly just have way too many guitars and that's not the fault of the Texan or the EJ either one!!! The Texan is pro setup as well and does play like a dream. The Pup in the Texan works well, but again I don't really plug it in. I do plug in my J-160E 1962 reissue as that's the only time it sounds good so it's an electric guitar to me.


I'm a flat picker and maybe someone that's a finger picker may enjoy the Texan a bunch. Maybe you can catch someone with one that is a finger picker for their opinion on that. Hope to learn to finger pick someday soon.



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I don't like anything with eSonic 2.



I'll agree with this... I do love my Texan FT-79! Got it new for around $400.00 (US) in the spring of 2011, I've put close to 1000 hours on it and it sounds great! The stock pick-up has been replaced with a Martin strait wired pickup, it's not made by Martin but it's a world of difference from the cheap sounding one that was in it from the factory.


I believe I would only get rid of it for a nice Gibson or a vintage Martin.

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