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Hound Dog Round Neck Dobro - not very loud?

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hmmm - seems like there's the cheap Chinese version (which is what I bought) and the US made version? (which I couldn't buy / afford for the gig I wanna use this guitar for).


Thanks for answering Paul.


Can you offer any advice re: the volume of the instrument? I'm going to be playing it acoustically outside (no amp) in standard tuning (no slide). It's louder than my ES-125 but not as loud as a boring old dreadnaught style guitar. Is that normal? I've never played a resonator guitar before so I don't know. Right now the sound level from the f-holes is almost the same as the sound level from the resonator.


Gonna watch the Dan Erlewine set up video today and see if I can pick up any tips.


ps - other than high action, which I expect is because most people will be playing slide with this, it's a pretty nicely finished guitar. One high fret and the screws on the truss rod cover are crooked but nothing that can't be fixed.

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The website says this guitar has a 12" radius neck. That's not correct - it's a 20" radius.


I was dumb and took the website to be correct. So I bought a radius block from StewMac to level the frets which were pretty uneven. Then I noticed it was hitting the outside edges of the frets pretty hard so I checked it with my radius gauges.


Darn. It's 20".


So - ignore the website, it's wrong. This guitar has a 20" radius neck.


For the next guy down the path.......

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