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"Charley Patton is considered by many to be the father of Delta Blues. What does that actually mean? A combination of location, timing and talent, put him at the leading edge of the new musical direction of the 1920's. He was one of, if not the first, to play what we might recognize as blues.


Patton was a prolific songwriter, a powerful singer, with an aggressive guitar style that had him popping bass strings, banging on the box, and playing behind his back. He brought a bit of vaudeville into the blues as well, and his recordings are laced with vocal asides, as if two people were performing. This passion, talent and intensity made him one of the best-known traveling performers of the time, perhaps the first real "blues man". Among the future blues stars who learned directly from him were John Lee Hooker and Howlin' Wolf."





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Nice find, pdx. We've sure come a long way since his time. Sometimes makes you wonder what the old ones would think if they could hear their stuff today. Thanks! [thumbup]

I think they would be amazed at how much the blues has influenced modern music.

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