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millennium bypass to true bypass


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2 of my pedals use millennium bypass and tbh I find it rather annoying because if the battery dies then the signal stops at that pedal. Does anyone know if I can just rewire the switch and make it true bypass without it actually affecting the sound of the pedal? I presume that to change it to true bypass i just remove the 3pdt and then rewire it as you normally would a true bypass switch

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Here are the specs on your pedals.


Product Features

The Ultimate Drive guitar effects FX creates an electron tube amplifier sound effect giving you that classic Marshall Bluesbreaker tone!

Metal chassis. Buffer bypass with 3PDT footswitch.

Buffer Bypass design to minimize tone loss.

Included is a 9v battery, but the unit can be run from mains power (cable not included)

Dimensions: (L)120mm x (W)60mm x (H)55mm


If it were me I would build this and solve it all.



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