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Thinking about selling some equipment, need help.


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I am thinking about selling my Ibanez RG 320 guitar. It has a few dings, and quite a few scratches, but still plays as well as an ibanez can. I also want to sell my Digitech GNX2 multi effects pedal, that is in perfect shape.


I am not really sure on what to even ask for when selling these items. I have never sold any guitar equipment before, so any tips or help would be great. Thanx.

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Good luck, The market if full of used stuff and not many people buying, Check out your Craigs List, its the same stuff over and

over again.

Oh yea lots of Ibanez, and forget about a trade unless its a Gibson your selling.

I just bought a ES-335 and the salesmen didn't even want to see my Casino or PRS (SE)

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