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Epiphone Casino Differences - Vintage and Lennon Model


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I have several questions concerning the differences found on vintage Casinos and the limited John Lennon Casino (1965 Version), to which I could not find definite answers.


1. How did the necks on the vintage Casino change from 1961 through 1970, was it the same as with the ES-330?


2. What are the main differences of the Lennon Casino compared to to its vintage counterpart (I know the tuners, the placement of the serial number, the pickguard and the E logo differ)?


3. Were there any Epiphone Casinos completely manufactured in the U.S. after 1970 (I have read rumours of Casinos manufactured in the US in the mid 90s and I'm not talking about the Nashville USA Rivieras and Sheratons)


4. Is the 1965 Lennon Casino still manufactured, as Musicians Friend seems to restock them very soon (http://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/epiphone-john-lennon-1965-casino-electric-guitar)


Thanks for your help!

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I don't have enough experience with vintage Casinos to answer you questions, but I can tell you this. The general consensus is that the special run of USA Lennon Casinos with Terada-Japan made bodies (then shipped to Nashville for hardware & assembly) are the closest to the real deal thus far produced. Whether or not this apparent re-release of Lennon Casinos will match the original run is anyone's guess.

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In the past, restock Revolution Casinos were made by Terada at the same time as numbered limited editions. The limited editions had two serial numbers: Lennon's, which appears on the back of the headstock and on the repro blue label in the soundhole, and another on a white soundhole label that identifies which of 1965 a particular guitar was. The restock guitars started without identification on the a white label, and were set aside in case the numbered ones were damaged in shipping, had to be replaced for warranty purposes, etc. They could be assigned the identification of the damaged guitar. Once it was apparent they would not be needed for these purposes, they were stamped with a small, discrete "R" on the back of the neck, and assigned a special serial number that was not part of Epiphone numbering scheme (via a sticker placed on the white label).


I suspect the 1965 Lennon Casinos in the link above are not new, but like past restocks, are new old stock that were set aside to fulfill warranty claims or in case of shipping damage, etc. Otherwise, they would not be advertised as a restock, I would think. Call Musician's Friend and see if they have any info that indicates otherwise. The guitar in the link is quite a bit more money than the restocks sold for in the past, so maybe this one is indeed one of the original numbered guitars, somehow.


Numbered or not, and regardless of what restocks sold for in the past, if you want a superior Casino, and you have the money, you should snatch one of these up. These are GREAT guitars, equal if not better than anything that comes out of the Gibson custom shop.


Red 333

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