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Nice'59 LG-2 at Elderly


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I saw it was on HOLD as I looked at your thread just after you posted. I always check their site (and Gruhns) every morn....very, very, very bad habit, eh?



Elderly have unloaded some Gibson acoustics lately - I have seen 7 or 8 sold over the last few weeks. The ones that are still listed are odd bods that no-one is sure about. When something like the LG-2 comes up, it is gone in no time, it seems to me. What do they charge for consignment selling - must be near 20% like the crook near me, or nobody would bother with the Bay....




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Elderly is a great place to consign IMHO. I have sold a fewe through them.


The fee is 15% if over &1K. I think it's 20% under a grand.


The way it's played out for me, is, they ask more than I do- covers some of the 15%. They sell world-wide. And, you never have to meet the buyer and go through the haggle.


I've had great luck with 'em.


The BIG plus is- when they're looking over your guitar, you can go upstairs and play a slew of outstanding guitars [thumbup]



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I think it's a little over-priced, but still a nice LG.


Not at all. It's actually a very good price for a dealer and in this condition. Proof in that it's been already attracted interest and has been reserved less than a day after being put in the market...

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