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Everyone gets old and such....it seems a lot of vocalist suffer while other players get better. What I mean is that putting drama to one side for a minute, GNR without AXL isn't really missing much it seems.


But for me, one thing about the band was the way Slash and Izzy played together. Slash may have been the 'lead', and he does play good rhythm guitar with his own sound (sl00shtone?), but IZZY was a MAJOR component to the GNR sound. And they way those 2 play together, makes a unique and great sound.


Not the least of which, if any ONE guy could be given credit for doing the most for the success of that band, it would be him. Besides having his name to most of the songwriting credits, it seems that while they were ALL messed up on drugs at the time, he was there putting in the work. And somehow, able to work with everyone. No Izzy=no Guns. If it weren't for him, we wouldn't know who any of them are.


If ANYONE deserves the honor of the induction, it is IZZY. Bummer he didn't show.

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Izzy Stradlin was my favorite of GnR. I haven't been following the GnR drama though - how come he stayed home like Axl?

I searched the web, and found NOTHING...in fact, very little 'press' about the fact he DIDN'T show. Strange.


As for the drama, the best I can figure is that AXL wanted his current band included, in whatever way (playing or inducted or whatever..don't know). But, he PUSHED the issue and was rejected.


I realize it kinda sucks for him and his band, and kinda awkward. It IS sort of a vindication for the others and the fans of GNR that his version isn't recognised. But it is what it is...they weren't inducted, or included. But the point is, the DRAMA was the result of AXL demanding they be brought to the table.


My guess, as far as IZZY is concerned, is he didn't want to be a part of the drama. It seems hypocritical in a way, but I wouldn't know what to think in his shoes.

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