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'73 SG: T-tops, or Single Coils?


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Hey, folks.


I have a '73 SG standard, which is completely stock except for a Callaham ABR-1 bridge, (and extra-long ss posts ala Mapleflame.) and jumbo frets.


I only use this guitar for lead work in the studio, and have a super-fine LP for general use. (Plus Strats & Teles, sorry!)


I am quite happy with the original T-top humbuckers, but am thinking the SG might have more personality, and more lead presence, with some kind of HB-sized single coil, like the Harmonic Designs Z-90.

These might mate well with the thinner, darker-sounding body, though I've never played or heard an SG Classic.


Has anyone done this already? Any opinions on the changes or trade-offs?


If I were to keep the humbuckers, any opinion on the T-tops? Is there a better HB match for an SG?

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I like P-94s pickups...... I also put Gibby Classic 57s in many guitars....I put a 57 and a 57+ in an SG....Great smooth sound.........


As far as T-Tops go, I love them.....( If you end up not needing them, let me know )......Wolftone makes some nice HBs...............


It's so very personal what works for each guitarist..........

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Good to know you like T-Tops. Best I can understand is that they are a little hotter than PAFs, and more pointed. Would you agree?


I'm really hoping to find some before/after sound clips somewhere, but it's amazing hard that is to find, even on YouTube.

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