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Please give me as much information about the Gibson LP Classic with triple Seymour Duncan humbucker pickups in the photo or visible here:http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v305/jfitzoz/SAM_2099.jpg


It was made in Nashville in 2002 and has a solid mahogany body and neck. It sounds awesome and weighs more than my other LPs.


Thanks in advance of your cooperation!

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I remember reading about them but can't remember where.


Customer Service should be able to tell you all you need. they can be found somewhere hereabouts.


In the meantime, look at the serial number for a start. That will tell you (and us) when it was made.


Classics have a peculiar numbering system. It should be either Y XXX; Y XXXX or 0Y XXXX. The first part is the year it was made. The rest is its production number in the run.


In the first example it would be a 9 (for 1989) as the run made in 1989 was fewer than 1000 units. In the second example it will be the missing digit in 199Y. In the third it will be the missing digit in 200Y.



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but I don't see a Rhythm or Treble marked on the switch plate.


I don't think you will see it ever.


From what I understand the switch is not the standard, Rhythm or Treble and Both.. since the middle pickup is in the middle position.





Presented as an “upgrade,” a three pickup version of the Les Paul Custom was also made available in 1957, complete with a distinct new circuitry that offered a host of new tonal possibilities. The guitar’s toggle switch was wired to activate the middle and bridge pickups together in the center position, instead of combining the neck and bridge pickups, which gave the guitar an out-of-phase option that wasn’t available before

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Hmm... I didn't know that Duncans were factory on anything from Gibson. Nice to know.


My SG Custom has the same wiring and when I first tried using it by myself in the living room I hated it. But then when I tried it at practice it settled in to the mix nicely.

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