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My Gibby Buckethead STudio arrived yesterday...


All day while at work, all I could think about was that 'kid on christmas morning' vibe when you know that an axe is waiting on you...


so i get home and UPS left her (per instructions) on back porch.


i pulled her outta the box, and strung her up with 11s and she played her first gig here in Austin Texas last night. A brief set at Ruta Maya World HQ in Austin Texas.... woke up and she's still smokin...



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Beautiful instrument.


I'm surprised you strung it with 11's, you must be a strong bastard [cool]


Even 10's were a stretch on my signature. I've installed 9's and gave her a setup, plays like buttah [thumbup]


What amp are you using? How's the tone?

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thanks for the notes everybody.


i'm one of the last people that oughtta own a BH LP studio... i've played acoustic music for the past decade. and it was mostly classical... but i've returned to the land of the living with electric music.


i chose the BucketHead Les Paul for a couple reasons.


#1. I use a lot of open tunings, loop stations, and occasionally bow the guitar with a cello bow. The decision to use a higher gauge string came from my experience that .11s seem to bow better, and if i need to detune, they still have some beef.


#2. The pickup configuration of 496 & 500T in that plain white finish is excellent. i would call it "Punchy" for when i wanna use distortion. a little goes a long way with these buggers... if you can dig it. i like it thus far...


The Kill switches, of which there are two... are a lot different from doing a manual kill switch with your toggle on a LP. meaning when you DIY with the toggle, you're aware of what engages the tone and what kills it. With an arcade kill switch the sound is already on... you have to press to stop it. hard to explain but... it'll take some learning. but kill switch is like hot sauce... use sparingly.



Every review I've seen talks about the longer 27 inch scale is a dog to play, but honestly... after so many years of playing a classical guitar, the BHLPS is not difficult. and i'm not 6'5... im not even 5'5 but the guitar to me... is easy to play. It has a fast neck, i LIKE the over sized body and on clean tones... this guitar shimmers it glows... its a great instrument.


I immediately bought an aftermarket flight case for air travel as i fly, and i've already lost one guitar to baggage claim. However, a real ATA flightcase does wonders for protecting gear. Trust me $200 is a lot cheaper than replacing a Les Paul of any kind.


will post more pics. WIll post some vids when my other half returns from Hawaii. Harp & Electric Guitar... whatta duo! Stay tuned!

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They look cool, but I don't see myself using one. But a nice score for sure. The headstock reminds me of the 70s Les Pauls. And why did I start craving KFC after looking at the pic of the axe?

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