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Favorite Folley (Sarcasticly Speaking)


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My favorite folley when I'm playing guitar is when I drop my pick in between the cracks of my amp. I'd get another one but there all in my other guitar's locked case. Oh I've tried using coins but it's not a pick, no it is not a pick. Second folley is when I crank my amp, leave it cranked and startle myself when I turn everything on. Third folley is when I trip over the cord leading to my amp from my guitar, not a good thing to do. Fourth folley, no I mean this folley should be number one is when I break a string. I know its coming, but can't stop it, when I hear the string waiver while playing. Final Folley before actual playing a note, chord or scale is dropping my case with my guitar inside of it, another thing you don't want to do. ](*,)

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