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who plays sheraton II

bro don

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I know I'm being pedantic, but I really mourn the death of the indefinite article.


It's like those damn Toyota ads where they endlessly refer to one of their cars as "Camry" or "Corolla," instead of "a Camry" or "a Corolla." Drives me nuts.





Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah - a famous artist who plays a Sheraton II? How about the guy out of the Kings of Leon?






By the way - more pedantry. Love the clips of JLH, Charlie, but isn't at least one of those a regular Sheraton (Frequensator tailpiece and NY mini-hums) rather than a Sheraton II?

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Ezra from Vampire Weekend



John from Title Tracks



and a bunch of other awesome indie bands that want a great guitar on an indie band budget. Oh, and me [cool]


I wonder with these one line, first post topic starters whether they ever actually come back to read the answers...

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