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NAD!! Epi Valve Senior

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I decided to get an amp after many years of only playing classical guitar. I have an old Dot that I've been playing around on, using an old Fender prac amp and an amPlug but now that the electric bug has bitten an amp became a necessity. After months of trying so many different amps (and guitars), the Valve Senior was the clear favorite (and was actually the reason I joined this forum in the first place). I hadn't even realised Epi made amps before the guy (Dan) at Gallins in Sydney (Aus) pulled out a Valve Senior and got me to try it. I can honestly say I had never truly experienced GAS before that moment!! Talk about buttery. Did all the research - wattage, tubes used, speaker etc. Problem was, at $800 it was out of my league. I happened to notice the other day that Gallins were having a sale with big price cuts, so I am now the proud owner of a brand new (though discontinued) Valve Senior. Happy happy joy joy! \:D/


I love the simplicity (I found the various modelling amps so complicated) and the tones are beautiful. I play blues, light rock and some jazz, so this baby is perfect. The low gain suits what I play down to the ground. I find it so easy to get tones I love out of this amp!! Very pleased, and it even looks good! Of all the amps I tried (ranging in price from $150 to $1400), this was the one I wanted. I was assuming I'd have to settle for either an ss amp (Fender Mustang, Vox vt etc) or a Bugera V22 as the only valve option. Couldn't believe it when they told me what they were clearing this one for. Jumped on it, and so glad I did! It was shipped down from Brisbane so took a while to get my hands on it which made it all the sweeter when it eventually arrived. The exact amp I wanted, and at an attainable price - what more could any man want? Well, obviously a new geet to go with it B) and I'll post that in the Electrics thread!










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Congratulations! [thumbup]

Great find my friend. I've never played one myself, but have heard nothing but good/positive reviews on them.


Crank it up! [biggrin]

I've never played one either .... Mrs D and I fought for a few months over me purchasing a head, and by the time I thought I could get away with it, they were no longer available.... I wonder how many were produced and how many made it into consumers hands. The only "bad" thing I'd heard about them was that the reverb left something to be desired, but...no big deal, really, if the amp itself sounds good.


Enjoy, Sada .... oooooh, that's right - you got you a Wildkat too, yes? Nice git/amp combination [thumbup]

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Yep, both!! So happy [love] Couldn't believe it worked out such that I could get both the amp that I ideally wanted and the guitar that I ideally wanted.


At the same time, I have noticed that the Valve Senior is a particularly noisy amp. It gets quite a bit of 'scratchiness' and feedback, even with no guitar plugged in. You can't hear it once you're playing (it gets drowned out) but it's very noticable if you're not playing.

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