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double gig report super epic photo bomb thread

Brian Krashpad

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Had an epic weekend w/2 daytime shows, one on each day (hey they coulda both been on the same day, it could happen), with 2 different bands. Saturday was First Things First, the church band. I played my first outside-church band gig with Mary, the new (to me) Casino that the band members (and our pastors, from what I'm hearing third hand) bought me as an early birthday present. The wiring is currently trashed, basically all there is is a master volume with both pickups on all the time. So I stuck an extra pedal in the signal chain to get a different lead tone, worked fine. Also one of the band members bought wireless units for us to use out of his own money (I'ma buy the one for me off him eventually), so that was cool, no probs w/that.


Only snafu was that last band asked me up to do 8 bars on their closer and hadn't told me it'd be the intro, so guitar vol was way too low. But better too low than too loud!


Will post a buncha pics from this first show, at the Bo Diddley Plaza downtown, then some verbiage about the second show on Sunday and pics from that. As usual, all questions gladly answered, and your gibes at my poseritude are highly encouraged!











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Great shots!


Glad it went well for you.


Why is the plaza named after Bo?


He used to live just a short distance outside Gainesville, most of his whole family lives here. I was even fortunate to play as his bassist at a benefit a few years back.













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If I didn't say so in the thread where you got it, that Casino is awesome, and a great story behind it. The matching shirts for the band are a great touch, overall look of the band is very "hip" for a church band (no sarcasm intended, I've just seen some rather cheesy looking church bands).


I like the look of that stage area, looks like a really cool place to play. Glad you had fun, looking forward to the pics of the second show.

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Congrats on the gig!


I love and miss playing outdoors. Unless you're a cheesy novelty cover band, your chances of playing an outdoor festival in Chicago is on par with winning that power ball lottery.

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Thanks guys.


EVOL, we're really lucky, this is a community plaza and sfaik anyone can book it who comes up with the necessary rental, or whatever the requirement for booking it may be. I've played it twice in the church band and twice in my punk band in the space of two years.


There's also a very hip "private party" type 3-day/2 nite annual fest outside town on private property that's sorta a "friend of a friend" deal, that I've now played 4 times in 3 different bands out of the last 7 years or so. Held on a weekend near Halloween and known as "Boo Fest." All locals, bands play for free but get free admission and are fed and beered for the weekend. Good times, I'm hoping Crash Pad can play there again this coming Halloween.

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Looks like fun. Those "gigs" are the ones I look forward to. Have one in July outdoors, "Gospel Explosion 2012". Just did one for Relay For Life in March and got one this Thursday for RFL Appreciation. Keep rocking for The Rock!

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Day Two: Crash Pad at the Florida Theater, benefit for community recreation for the differently-abled


We had a good slot, 4th out of 7 bands. Load-in 1:30. Our slot originally at 5:45 but they got about 15 or so minutes behind. Set kicked pretty hard. I was wearing a "load-in/set-up" t-shirt over my gig shirt and forgot to take it off for the first couple songs, haha. So that's why you'll see a black sleeved T in some pics and a sleevelees white one in others.


A couple small cockups but nothing major, worst for me was switching around the lyrics a bit on our newest song; this was the first time the band's ever played "Hey Trayvon" in public and there was some concern over how it would be received, but people seemed to like it. It is very very poppy (other than my vocal rasp) so that is a good juxtaposition to the fairly heavy lyric. The closer, whom I'd hardly ever heard of, kicked *** and took names. We plan on doing some gigs totgether, we both dug each other's sets and are coming from roughly similar places musically and going for high-energy stage shows.


Without further ado, Crash Pad:













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That looks to be a great weekend for one and all.

You guys must have had a great time. Tis the season to get out a gig outside.

Hope you had a real good time.

Too bad about the wireing on the Casino. But you didn't let that stop you from getting out and playing. [thumbup]

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