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Hmmmm yeah... I decided to leave the bus at the old house. I haven't done anything with it in a few years. It was a party bus for my girls when they were teens and I reclaimed it after a while, meaning to make it into a rolling man cave but never did it. Lost interest.


I'm finding out what's important at one stage of life is not so important in other stages. Moving into the new house has forced me to cull stuff. The new house is literally 2 or 3 times the size of the old house but I'm getting rid of stuff left and right. Old kitschy junk I took great delight in bringing home a few years ago is now... I dunno, a burden. Sometimes I think I was so unhappy (deep down) in my 'old' life that I sought out material stuff to make up the difference. Now I have peace, trust, and a seemingly unending supply of affection so therefore I don't seek happiness in other places. GAS is almost nonexistent and sometimes I think I could pare the 50 or so instruments down to a half dozen very easily. The pride of ownership or snaob appeal is being overshadowed by "Do you ever play this or do you just want bragging rights?"


So I may just cover my eyes and sell off a pile.


I would like to have a piano though. An old clunky upright from a church basement, preferably painted green.


Finding thing that what you thought would bring you happiness and joy when you were depress now remind you of that depress feeling. I know how that feels.

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Penny and I were married at our new house last Saturday. Her kids, my kids, my daughter's boyfriend, and my mother were there. Took about 12 minutes. We splurged and bought a cake from the supermarket. Our honeymoon has consisted of a trip to Lowe's to look at kitchen light fixtures, applying our names to the mailbox with vinyl lettering, and watching Wheel of Fortune while eating ice cream. We are low maintenance and highly content with each others company.


We struck up an online/facebook friendship in late September, didn't meet face to face until November 14, became a couple on December 9, I proposed on January 10th, and we got married on April 21. No sense monkeying around. Life's too short. Oh, and also the little matter of buying the Atomic Ranch on March 31... that's kinda important.


Her son became an ordained minister (online) for the sole purpose of marrying us. Yeah, it's all legal.




And here we are... the Brady Bunch. Pen's two kids on the left, and my girls Kim and Sarah on the right (the "k" and "s" in ksdaddy).



Congrats. This is how I see it happening for me. Divorced last year after 28 years. My next will play a Gibson or at least something with strings. Gotta share an interest.

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