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2012 LP Standard coming Down Under!!

Kineman Karma

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G'day Ya'll,


Well I will be putting my order in next week for a 2012 Heritage Cherry Sunburst Gibson Les Paul Standard!!


At first I considered a Classic Custom LP in Ebony, but I am glad I held off.


Whilst waiting for them to land in OZ, at the moment I am shop hopping for the most competative quote and so far the best I have is $3072 AUD.


I have also been all over the net trying to find a demo and here it is :)





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Hello Friend! Good to hear from You again! That Norlin still sounds awesome! Good luck with Your '12 Standard! Cheers... Bence


G'day Bence, Mate thank you for your kind Welcome [smile]


Yes I must say that my #1 LPC Norlin does sound Killer!! [biggrin]


Even though I am ordering a 12 LP standard I am eager to test drive it in the store before I make a final purchase.


I think it will be fine though [thumbup]


Well if anyone else out there in the Sweet Ol US of A has one already, please please please put up an awesome demo with cleans and overdrive. Since I mainly play Reggae and Classic Rock I hope someone will do a demo vid pretty soon!


Take care Ya'll and thank YOU GIBSON and all the fine people on this forum that make it worthwhile loggin on!

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Let me ask, what type of humbuckers Your '73 has? T-tops? It's a pancake-bodied guitar? Just curios what builds up this great tone.


Hey Brother Bence [biggrin]


Yes definately a PANCAKE [thumbup]


Ok, on the night I was using 57 classic pups in the Norlin. The T-TOPS were at home!

The amp is my 2010 Fender Twin Amp on overdrive complimented by my Ibanez Ts-9.


To simply put it...the norlin being full bodied and not cut like a cake, makes a big difference. It really gives the pickups direct voicing!


I have the LPC Norlin and a 2011 LP 60's tribute and you can hear the difference in the tonewood big time. Both are great guitars though.



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Thanks For the infos! :) Since we last spoke I got my Classic Custom AN, which sounds almost great too. It has a pair of '57 Classics, but it's a little bit too bright for me, so I will try to replace caps with Luxe Repro's Bumblebees. Hope it will work out fine. Comparing it to the chambered 50's Tribute, I was surprised that the Tribute is acoustically louder than the heavy, swiss-cheese CC. Interesting I have a TS9DX which I can't seem to dial in for a proper tone, whilst the TS-10 sounds categorically better, so I use it most. My amps do not have gain control so I use an Ibanez Metal Charger too. :D Cheers... Bence

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