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57 VOS All Gold


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has anybody ever heard of a limited edition LP 57 Gold Top VOS whose back and neck are all gold? According to the seller it was made in 2007. I'd really want to buy it but in times of fake gibsons i am hesitating...

Thanks for your help...


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I've seen one. I don't know what the price was, but they do exist.


There's two, actually. One is the 50th anniversary. It's all gold, even the headstock.

The one I saw was all gold, except the front of the headstock...that was black, like on a regular R7.


Do you have pictures of it? Post them.

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Yeah, I've seen R7's in All Gold from '07.

Not VOS though, gloss only.

If they were VOS I'd have snatched one up for sure.


Now I talking about the regular R7 not the anniversary mess, which was gloss also.

I remember for sure that Sweetwater had them (MF & others too) but I passed because

they were gloss. They also had in 2007 a R7 w/ black plastics, again gloss.


There are lots of people out there confused about what a "VOS" is.

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