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Just curious. Did anyone see this?


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Hi everyone,

I own a 1972 Gibson SG Standard (Deluxe?) which I bought brand new in Jan-Feb 1973 from a well-known music store in Montreal, Canada.

The pickup covers are embossed with the Gibson name logo.

The logo on the bridge pickup is upside down, as if they would have used a neck pickup cover (or a neck pickup, although I had it tested and it's slightly stronger than the neck pickup).

Did anyone ever see this?

I never saw one on the Net.

Maybe it's only a "Friday late afternoon" made guitar...



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Has the pickup been removed and flipped?


Do you know which side of the pickup the lead is attached to?


I've never seen one that came from the factory like that, but then again, I'm not that familiar with these covers, and the models they were used on.


The direction of the lead might be the best clue. If it comes off the top, the pickup probably has been flipped. I've heard of people doing that before.

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