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Great amp for playing nano-equipped Ultras;


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I used my new Fender Acoustasonic 150 combo with my 339 Ultra last weekend, first gig outing with both. Excellent result. I recommend these amps (current version, not old version) to any Ultra owners. I've used a whole range of tube and solid state combos over the years. This is a remarkable amp for the price.


1. It's incredibly small and light: smaller height, width and depth than a 2x12 and weighing a little over 20 lbs. Dead easy to transport.


2. It's a 2x 75 watt output and keeps up with a drum kit fine. It has tilt-back legs for better projection and XLR line-out to P.A. if you're playing bigger venues.


3. The acoustic channel has good digital processing and filtering which got me a surprisingly authentic range of acoustic sounds with a full, clear tone.


4. Routing the humbuckers through the auxilliary channel gave me a pretty good range of electric tones. Cleans not up to Fender / Vox standard, but not far off either. I add crunch anyway most of the time with my Boss multi-fx, and the pre-amp section in that enabled me to get perfectly good classic rock sounds, not bad at all for solid state.


5. The push/push pickup selector switch meant I could switch between acoustic and crunchy electric tones instantly in mid song. For playing lead fills in electric mode I use the solo boost on the multi-fx. To play single string in acoustic mode I set the nano gain on the back of the guitar so that the volume on chords matched the electric volume with the front-face acoustic volume knob on 5. Then if I wanted to play acoustic single string fills I just spun it up to 10.


6. For playing acoustic and electric simultaneously, I might have got a more effective contrast by putting the nano output through the P.A. instead. However, I'd have lost the digital tweaking the Acoustasonic offers, and I didn't need to send both signals simultaneously on any of the songs we were doing.


7. These amps are small and light enough to use for home practice as well as gigs.


Worth checking out guys.

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