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I can't wait for Summertime


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Interesting post !!


A bit hyper for my taste...but good to view nevertheless [thumbup]


We had Ray Brown over in the UK some years ago...with Andre Previn and Mundell Lowe


I used to enjoy the Oscar Peterson trio when Ray Brown was part of it...





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Nice way to start the morning,never heard the song before or the artist,thanks for turnin me on to him. My g/f took me to see this guy couple yrs back,really enjoyed the show and the quality of all the musicians was %110. [thumbup] I can honestly say this was the first concert ive ever been to that didnt include a distorted guitar.

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Gene retired from the road and moved here to Boise in the late 1970's and did so much to promote music in the schools and jazz in the club scene here, performing regularly at the Idanha Hotel in downtown Boise. He also started the Gene Harris Jazz Festival,


He also left us Niki, his daughter; who has been a back up singer for Madonna and appeared on Broadway, which is to bad, she should be as well known as Madonna!



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Made me think of Gene Harris version of Eleanor Rigby, then thought of Swiss Movement. Haven't listened to it in years, maybe decades. Les McCann and the guys:




After Eddie Harris (not related to Gene) moved to San Diego he would do one man shows at clubs around town. What a show, not only did he play one hell of a Sax, he was a really great key board player, he would use a loop and, well....you can see him using the loop with his group in 1969.


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