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2011 J-45 Banner


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I have recently acquired a 2011 J-45 "Banner" with little additional identification. The dealer says it is a TV without the use of hide glue. It has an Adi top and a serious finish - very thin and dulled, like a VOS. It has an orange label that just says "J-45" and the case is a standard black acoustic case with the blue insides. The braces are scalloped. It has a great tone, as one may expect. It cost a bit less than a TV and I dare say that not everyone can hear the distinction between hide glue and whatever modern glue there is in there. I have only seen one other and that is at the same dealer. They are not labeling these any sort of dealer FSR.

My question is this: Has anyone else ever seen such a thing? If so, where and what is your assessment?

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