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First Les Paul Special Jam Video


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Hi all, this is the first video I've made using my "new" LP Special... I traded a strat of mine for it a few months back and have been enjoying it immensely! For those of you wondering about the new Fender Super Champs... I can't say enough about it, they're awesome. This video was made using the Twin Reverb amp model... anyhow, enjoy!


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What's up with that speaker cab?

I believe it was an old record player/speaker cabinet combo, I found it stripped of the record player and speaker for $35 at a used furniture shop. I spent some time glueing, clamping, screwing, refinishing, and put new grill on it and loaded it with an Eminence Cannabis Rex. That the short of the long of it... the speaker has been breaking in more and more and is really starting to sweeten up, to my ears anyway. Here are some pics of the cabinet. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.




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