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Well, a sad day is approaching. I'm gonna have to send these guitars back to their owners.


I've been humbled by the trust that folks have placed in me. This project has moved me in so many ways.


I've already sent 3 back with the fellow who brought them and visited the sessions. I've got 11 remaining:



Nice Visit though, eh ?

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A modest update. I've still got mixing, mastering, and artwork to complete. But, this morning, I did rough-out in low resolution photos the poster that will accompany the CD:



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Now, that would be one rare bird! Does it even exist?


Yes, the J-50 was actually the first Banner model to ship.


I lined up a J-50, but at the last minute the owner got a little nervous about shipping it. Still, I was very pleased to get each variation except for the J-50 and LG-3. I got a rosewood SJ and that real rarity, an LG-1.

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