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I need me some Snowy White!


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As I've mentioned before. My brother is working on 'the Wall' with Pink Floyd. He's on the production crew. He only told me a week ago that Snowy is in the band. He said he gets on great with him and he's a nice bloke. He's going around the USA with them now until July. Lucky bugger!

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Rank him high boys, he's that good.



Great player and a wonderful feel for the blues. Beautiful touch.


I first became aware of Snowy White through my liking for Peter Green when his 'In The Skies' album was released around 1980(?). I believe Snowy played most of the lead work on the album. I've just tried to find it to check my facts (and play it !) but it's not where it should be..............[mellow]


I was fortunate enough to catch him playing on the London leg of 'The Wall' tour last year.


Thanks for the posts, jaxson.





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