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So I was browsing the other day....


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the Tokia' usually do say Tokia on the headstock, but the logo is sort of fashioned after the Gibson Log


The Les Paul copies, used to be dubbed Love Rocks, very well built.


check out this link for the SG: (not like what you describe however)



but this one is more along the line that you are mentioning:



I had a Tokia 57 strat copy back in the 80s, a GREAT guitar. I wound up selling it to help finance a 57 Custom Shop Time Machine Strat. Sort a wish I still had it some days. I don't have the time machine any more either, traded it for my 02 standard.

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I tried out a couple of Gibbo Les Pauls at Badlands guitars in Brighton. I didn't think they were anything special. Someone mentioned that they were made in the same Chinese factory as Vintage guitars but I don't know if that's true. They were about the same sort of quality, and cheaper, but they didn't have the Wilkinson hardware and pickups.

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