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Blackstar HT-5H


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i've had one for over 3 yrs now, and can happily give it a [thumbup] .

simple, fairly versatile, well-built, and issue free.

it saw 2-3x daily use for over 2 yrs & never had any problems whatsoever. still play it occasionally & still issue free.

tube swaps are a 4 minute job, leave the back cover off & they become a 10 second job.

clean mode sounds GREAT(!) & "overdrive" mode will get as nasty as you like.

headphone jack is handy, as is footswitchable clean/OD modes.


the only drawbacks I PERSONALLY perceive are.....

oddball power tube, 12BH7 or 7A......doesn't heat quickly, and even @ full volume barely breaks up, which is great if you need a lot of clean headroom, not so great if you just want a "Bluesy growl".

overdrive mode gets nasty too quickly for my personal likings.....anything past around 9 o'clock causes "metal" territory.

I.S.F. (Brit to Yank knob) seems to be a simple midrange shifter, and COULD function better.


the ONLY reason it's now my #2 amp is there seems to not be much "middle of the road" application (yes I tried many preamp tubes in it) available. it likes to be ran either clean or filthy, but can be just a tad difficult to dial in for a "vintage" Blues/Rock sound.


it likes to be played HARD.......i'd suggest a good test-drive before purchase......they're not for everybody.

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You can feed the preamp loop out into another amps loop in or input, this is like using one of there pedals. I don't like the sound of the headphone out into an amp, maybe a PA. The power tube is really a preamp tube, it runs in class A/B and not class A like most other small 5 watters.

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i highly recommend blackstar, they have some nice stuff, and they are made by ex marshall employees 8D


Made in an Asian factory by....ASIANS!


But the ex-Marshall employees design the amps. But having a tie to Marshall doesn't make them any better than any other amps. It's the mere fact that they sound great that make them great amps.


Kinda like Jet-City amps, which are co-designed with Michael Soldano.

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I've bought it now (see my thread from last Sunday). It's got a great sound. Funny that Soldano comes into the conversation. I have a Grainger Hammerhead head and cab. Thats made to look like a Soldano. I dont know if the electrics are similar though I'm going to run the blackstar into that.

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