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Joe's gear.


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He has almost too much.....




Just kiddin!!!!


You can never have enough guitars right?!?!?!?1


But when I see people that have 10 Strats from the same era (like the early 60s era) that are all sunburst, I get really pissed off.


I'd rather have 10 Strats that are from different ages and do different things. Maybe one with a humbucker, some DiMarzio Pro Tracks in the neck/middle, and a Floyd.


And none of em' have to be vintage either!


Instead of overpaying for a vintage Strat or for a Burst, I'd rather use my money for something more meaningful, like for helping others.


Think about it, money that's used to collect Bursts could make somebody else whom is less fortunate have a better life.


Good Karma.

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