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Thankyou Jimi Festival


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Last week in a large city in Poland-not Warsaw or Gdansk- they had a festival to celebrate the life of Jimi Hendrix.I was kind of puzzled why they didn't have on Sept 18th-the ann. of his death-or Nov. 25-the date of his birthday. Maybe they just did it to be different or probably steered clear of Sept 18 because it would be in bad taste to celebrate his life on the anniversary of his death and of course November in Poland tends to be quite frigid. Anyway attendees were urged to bring their guitars and the promoters were flabbergasted because beyond their wildest expectations over 7,000 showed up to play Hey Joe to blow out of the water the current record number of people playing at the same time.I guess they chose Hey Joe-that was written by Billy Roberts,not Jimi-because it's easy for even the most inept beginner to play.I can't imagine 7,000 playing Machine Gun or the Woodstock version of Star Spangled Banner.


I propose that there be a North American Festival celebrating Jimi's life. It should be held in close proximity to the Canada/U.S. border in a place such as Niagra Falls and instead of Hey Joe we could all do Purple Haze or May This Be Love because they are about the easiest of songs that he wrote.Of course we could have it in Cape Spear,Newfoundland,the most easterly point in North America that way I'd only have a 20 minute drive...lol.

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