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Good Morning All,


I've been getting back into playing the guitar again and thoroughly enjoying it once more. I've had a good few years out, sold up all my babies (so sad) but now got a delicious '60s Trib LP and it's ace, honestly not had something so amazing in my life! I've got a decent VOX VT20+ and I can get a good '60s tone rockin' from it.


My question is; I can pretty much watch some play rhythm BeaTles tracks but only a few (I Saw Her Standing There, I Want To Hold Your Hand, Love Me Do). I am wondering if there are any helpful techniques I could play, based around '60s style guitaring that I could jam out. As much as I love sticking the FabFour on and rockin' along, I'd quite like to get a band going in the '60s style!


Just some helpful "rocky" riffs in the '60s garage style, maybe some fingering techniques to get my boney friends working their way over my fret board a little easier. I had lessons when I was about 14/15 so at least ten years ago now and I had a big stint of not playing in between. I am not a rock God, I would even stretch to say I am really quite average/ below par. I can hold a tune, learn really quickly (i.e. with the BeaTles tunes, I can play along pretty much to the "T").


I'd quite like to add some of my own tunes though.


Many thanks in advance for any advice.


Be Cool People


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Welcome back to the playing! Why don't you check out this site: http://www.guitarbackingtrack.com/


Down load yourself a handful of these,put turn up your PC speakers, turn on that VT20 and play along


also, don't forget about you tube for on line lessons, and how to tips.


Lots out there, Perfect for beginners and advanced.


Good luck!

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